Duffy Design Group

Logo taken from Duffy online, all right reserved to their respected owners, 2017.

Minneapolis, Minn – Duffy is a design firm started in Minnesota. They strive to combine design and technology to solve brand challenges, grow businesses and make the world a better place. As a company they use their proven process, imagine, define, build, and activate, to get to the design. Specializing in many capabilities, Duffy can help a company in anything from brand identity and social media to sales enablement.

Who started it? How many people work there?

Joe Duffy is the Chairman and CCO of the company, and is a renowned leader on branding and design. The company has a strong, core group of team leaders helping everything to run smoothly, and make Duffy the company it is today.

Martin Davis, the company’s CEO, oversees client operations. Joseph Duffy, Joe’s son, is the EVP of Design and hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps with the agency. John Geletka is the EVP of Digital Strategy. George Hilal is the EVP of Technology. Nancy Kullas is the Director of Account Service. Alan Lousing is the company’s Creative Director. Bridget Duffy, also born into the Duffy family business, is the EVP of Business Management.

Where are they located?

Duffy has two current locations, one in Minneapolis, MN and the other in Chicago, IL.

Screen shot from Duffy website, all rights reserved to respected owners, 2017.

What kind of work do they do?

Duffy does a lot of real world design work, meaning design for not online purposes only. They have done work for brewing companies such as Golden Island, and Summit Brewing Co., they worked on a rebranding campaign for the Mall of America, and the bicycle company, Nice Ride MN.