Choosing the Right Font

As a designer, one of the more difficult but simple decisions is in choosing a font. Fonts can make or break the look of a publication, and as far as fonts go, Less is More. Pick a few font families and stick with them, consistency is key for readers. Not so similar that people lose interest, but never put off viewers because the text is just too difficult to get through. Try out different combinations, print pages out and see how they read. Go with function over fashion with type; better to have the reader keep coming back than put an article down over readability. Incorporate art and unique design into your magazine in other ways than with font.

  • Know what you’re working with
    • Get educated on font styles and families, be aware of their purposes

There is an ongoing battle of serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts are typically easier to read in print, and sans serif is the go-to for web content. This is because printed works generally have a resolution of at least 1,000 dots per inch, whereas computer monitors are typically around 100 DPI.