Offset Litho Printing

What do designers need to know about printing? There are multiple different ways and styles of printing depending on what the designer wants the end product to look like. The process goes from designer to trade shop to printer. From planning to press to production there are many different steps and people working on what the final product will be.

  • Designers should know basic printing terms to effectively communicate with press workers.
  • Designers should always have in mind the project’s budget and limits. You don’t want to go way out of range of what the client is looking to spend on their project, and you want to keep the project on deadline.
  • Know the team you’re working with and what’s available to you.
  • Proof, correct, and proof again. Print out the work, see what it’ll look like off the computer screen. Have several others look at it and give feedback.
  • After the final press, further details can be added such as trimming, folding, stitching, die cutting, gluing, and binding.