Magazine & Palmer Printing

In SCSU’s Art 320 class we were assigned to design a magazine about design. We were given guidelines on subject matter and page layout, but overall given creative freedom. I went through many major design changes through this process and ultimately came out with this:

Art 320_Magazine (Click link for full interactive PDF)

On Tuesday, March 28th, our class attended a trip outside of the classroom to Palmer Printing located in St. Cloud, Minn. We were shown the layout and environment of an everyday professional printing press. It was a much larger space than I was expecting. Palmer offers almost any type of printing on any material you can imagine. They also have a large creative and sales staff that work in the front-of-house directly with clients.

Designers should know and understand the basics of printing. This was made clear to us because even through a designer can come up with the creative product in their head, on paper, or on a computer; the outcome they desire is not always translated through the printing process. Although printers can do a lot creatively, they can’t create the impossible. It is important for designers to have a clear and open conversation with their printer to ensure everyone is happy with the end result.